• Do You Find It Challenging To Generate Sales Leads In the UAE, GCC and the Middle East?


    Do you want B2B and B2C UAE, GCC and Middle East Business contacts ?


    Do You Want The Right Tools, courses To Master The Social Media Channels Such As Instagram | Youtube | Linkedin



    Do you want to be kept up to date with the latest updates on Marketing, Business development and Entrepreneurship through video and and audio courses?


    Look No Further We Have Just The solution For You

  • What We Do

    We have a goal to empower companies in the UAE, GCC , Middle East and world wide with good quality data, Business Contacts and information. These leads will keep your sales team busy in 2024 and Beyond. 


    We hold one of the most reliable and result oriented bulk database collection containing millions of Email Addresses, Mobile Numbers, Fax numbers and PO Boxes ever generated in the UAE, Middle East and beyond.


    Furthermore we give all our clients a number of eBooks on Business & Personal Development For absolutely FREE.


    We also offer video and audio guides to master Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.


    If you are an entrepreneur, startup or a small business. You need cash flow, not social media likes!


    We have video and audio guides covering Social Media, Markleting, Business Development and Entrepreneurship


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    We are your complete One Stop Shop for your Business data needs - Complete Databases For Sale as well as complete video and suio courses on Business development, Marketing, Social Media and entrepreneurship

    We have the following to help you with your marketing goals


    1. Over 5,000,000 email contacts

    2. Over 2,000,000 + mobile numbers & marketing records

    2. Ready & complete in EXCEL format

    3. Updated, comprehensive and well categorized

    4. Researched/Sourced from Multiple sources

    5. Decision Makers and High Net Worth Individuals (HNW)

    6. Large Number of online courses

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    Who is this for ?



    Creating Revenue through sales is the ultimate Catalyst for any entrepreneurial endeavour. The existence of sales places an important aspect in many ways for an organisation. Sales equate to revenue and revenue covers expenses.




    A sales-driven startup focuses on what sells, or attracts attention, rather than what works and provides real long-term value to customers. Sales-driven companies are often aggressive in maximising short-term return on investment and this mindset can shape product decisions a great deal.




    Sales play a key role in the building of loyalty and trust between customer and business. Trust and loyalty are the main reasons why a customer would choose to come back or even recommend your company


    Real Estate Businesses



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  • Other Services We Provide

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    Instagram Guides

    If you’ve ever wondered how certain businesses and celebrities have millions of followers on social media, you may be surprised to find out that they have entire social media teams dedicated to managing their accounts.


    That’s because amassing a huge number of Instagram followers takes a ton of manual work.


    We help your business get to the right audience by our Instagram Marketing Guide, A step by step guide to attracting your ideal clients via Instagram, If you want to increase your income but don't know where to start this is the guide for you.

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    LinkedIn Guide

    How To Dominate On Linked in & Get Consistent Leads. Master the Proven Social Selling System for Generating Leads, Prospects and Clients Every Day.

    No-nonsense solutions that focus on ROI for B2B sales teams and individuals, globally recognised as a trusted leader in LinkedIn and digital sales and marketing.

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    The Complete Guide to Building A Successful YouTube Channel

    A step to step guide on how to dominate on Youtube and get clients and grow your audience.


    There are opportunities everywhere for content marketers. Different channels, different types of content, and different websites.


    One that I think is criminally under-utilised is a little site you might have heard of YouTube


    It’s by far the largest video sharing site—nothing even comes close to it.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Questions and Answers

    How does the purchase work?

    Click on “ADD TO CART” with the relevant service you require. Once you've paid from the payment link that has been sent, a confirmation email with an Order # will also be sent to you with the further instructions and download information. Please note, dependant on the time of order it can take up to 12 hours to receive the download link due to the validity of payment that needs to be verified.

    Do you have samples you can send me ?

    Absolutely, please fill out our contact form below with the type of lists you are looking for and we can send you the relevant samples. Alternatively email us on info@salesleadsdubai.com

    How effective is this database?

    The database have timelines in regards to when they were compiled, a lot of effort has gone in to researching, compiling and structuring all databases. The data sourced is Raw data and thus we take no responsibility for the authenticity of the data especially with such low pricing points for the amount of data provided. The more recent the databases are the better the quality of data.


    If you are wanting to use the data for email marketing we suggest you clean the email addresses first with a reputable email company like Email list verify CLICK HERE for full details.

    Do we really get Free Business E Books with our purchase ?

    Yes all our clients receive Free E Books related to Business, Management, Marketing, Goal Setting, Time Mgmt, Leadership, Self Development and much more with RRP of $199

    How do I make Payment and is it secure ?

    Yes with have partnered with Stripe the worlds largest payment gateway who can take you card payments securely, safely and efficiently.

    Can I buy the Database and set up my own server for the email campaigns ?

    Yes we can provide a full solution of servers and software to manage your own email campaigns with relevant pricing if you choose to do so, this is entirely up to you. Alternatively you can use your own server and software.

    If I don’t want to buy the database can I just do an Email / SMS Campaign managed by you ?

    Absolutely, depending on your marketing requirements we can customise an email / SMS campaign for you.

    Do you recommend any softwares that can be used if we would like to clean out email databases  ?

    Absolutely, Please click on the following link which will direct you to the software we ourselves use to ensure email databases are cleaned prior to sending email campaigns. CLICK HERE for more information.

    Are you based here in Dubai and can we meet to discuss ?

    No we are strictly an E Commerce business and we are located in the USA, we have local partners who we collaborate with to provide a number of our services.

    Our data is limited and consistently updated from a very large data pool. 

    1. Email lists represent an important channel to help companies generate business and increase brand awareness.


    2. By optimising the target audience, keeping the content relevant and through careful management of the communication frequency, email lists can be very effective.


    3. Over 50% of start-up businesses fail in their first 3 years and many more lack the marketing budget to run large off-line product launches or to employ a large sales force. For companies like these and many more, email marketing provides an extremely useful way to reach larger audiences than would otherwise be possible.

    4. Whilst in an ideal world all businesses could survive and grow by purely communicating with their existing customers, the reality is that this is not the case. For businesses that want to grow or start-up, it is essential to reach as many prospects as possible – targeted prospects who would find their message relevant.

    Do you offer Refunds ?

    Please note that once a purchase is made, we are unable to offer refunds. We encourage our customers to review their selections carefully before completing their transactions to ensure satisfaction with every purchase. Thank you for choosing us for your database needs. 


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